Our Course Catalog is growing by leaps and bounds. Find yours today!Our Course Catalog is growing by leaps and bounds, providing you with online courses that will lead to new careers or enhance your current one. Stay tuned for more additions as we grow!

Choose from one of the following major areas t begin or augment your career:

Real Estate Career Courses – Real Estate is a growing industry. The ins and outs of the market are exciting and complicated at the same time. For many, it has become a livelihood, and not just with National Realtor Chains! Getting the right training up front can vault you in a new career.  We provide the most up-to-date instruction for your Pre-Licensing training which usually includes some basic laws about property in your state, the financial aspects of buying and selling property and key sales tips and techniques to accelerate your success.  Then we provide pre-exam courses to test your knowledge with questions similar to those that will be on you state exam. Finally, after you get your license, we offer a large list of add-on, continuing education classes to satisfy your annual requirements and hunger for knowledge, too!

Food And Beverage Career Courses – Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work in an upscale pub, bar or fine restaurant?  These establishments are constantly in need of qualified individuals to work with their customers. You could be next!  We offer a large catalog of food and beverage courses that meet or exceed certification criteria in every state with regard to food handling and alcohol selling and serving. Most all places require this training before or just after you are hired, so why not take it now!

Environment and Safety Career Courses – If ever there was an industry that is blossoming, it is the exciting area of environmental impact and safety. Consumers are becoming more savvy every day. They are more energy and environmentally conscious than ever. Many countries have enacted strong and strict legislation that support sustainability mandates affecting almost every industry. You can be on the lading edge of this industry by taking our courses on line and receiving your certifications.