12 April 2018


 April 12, 2018
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Fine-Casual Restaurants Fine-casual restaurants are sweeping the food and beverage industry amid a rise in the need for speed, while  also catering to the millennials’ demand for quality food. Restaurants that offer service and a quality dining experience without having to invest time in a lengthy meal, are attracting customers at an increasingly fast rate.

Quality vs. Quantity

Today’s consumers are eating out more frequently, but have less time to spend on meals. As the industry moves to address consumer needs, the focus is on increasing quality and decreasing the quantity of time, space, and servers. In doing so, restaurant owners benefit from charging higher prices for quality food, while saving money on lower rent. Fine-casual restaurants can afford to operate in smaller spaces because customers are moving through their meals faster and allowing the wait time to be more reasonably regulated than high end fine dining.

Fewer servers and staff are needed in fine-casual restaurants, allowing more ways to save cost and counter the rise in food price. Hosts and hostesses are not required to manage seating, servers aren’t tasked with handing the tickets and busing tables. In fact, customers actually prefer paying at the counter because it speeds up the process and cuts down on wait time for waiters and servers.

Balancing Prices

People are often willing to pay higher prices for better quality food. Limited menus with items that can be prepared quickly allow chefs to deliver quality cuisine in reasonable time. Entrees that are shareable attract customers who want the benefits of the fine-casual experience, but need to keep cost down. By offering bar service, restaurants can make up for any cuts in food sales. Customers like the option of dressing up their meal a bit more with wine or a cocktail.

It is no wonder that fine-casual restaurants are on the rise! As the needs of our ever-expanding schedules demand change, the food and beverage industry continues to roll with the times, providing balance between both needs and wants of customers.

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