14 July 2018


 July 14, 2018
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Foodie culture trends are shaping the future of commercial real estate. Retail development plans and designs show careful consideration for how people do dining and entertainment. Historically, the food and beverage industry has been closely tied to the retail industry. It should come as no surprise that the availability of food in o

r near commercial retail leads to more sales. The accessibility of dining and entertainment ensure that consumers will stay longer, shop, and spend more money. Food courts and restaurants have long been established as a central meeting point for malls and shopping outlets everywhere. The trends in foodie culture are moving beyond trendiness and rapidly becoming a new norm.


Foodie Culture Shapes the Trends in Retail Real Estate

Now we can see that more and more retail real estate is forming in conjunction with the food and beverage industry to appease the appetites of the growing foodie culture. Today’s consumers want the whole experience. Retail for social gatherings that provide a little something for everyone is in high demand. So what does this new trend look like exactly? Restaurant retail is no longer just a stand-alone building; it is a whole food hall venue. Restaurant venues provide a place where people can enjoy a variety of food and beverage selections all in one space. Customers have their choice of cocktails and appetizers at the bar, a wide variety of cuisines, and the bonus of musical entertainment and games.

New Dining Experiences

If you take a good look around new developing communities, you are sure to find these new dining experiences. Urban8, a free-standing food court in The Colony, Texas promises its “passion for serving chef-driven, healthier dining options.” This venue claims to be reinventing the local food court. Amid the bustling Five Billion Dollar Mile, the new food court is sure to get plenty of traffic.

Another zone for commercial real estate in Texas is Plano’s Legacy West. Restaurant and shop owners in Legacy West cater to the latest trends in foodie culture. Legacy Hall, a venue within the entertainment district, is one of the nation’s largest food halls. People gather there to enjoy the large variety of cuisines and beverages, while taking in the fun atmosphere and live music.

Restaurant and Retail Partnership

This partnership between restaurant and retail is nothing new. However, there has been steady decline of shopping malls over the last decade, due to the increase in online shopping. Consequently, the restaurant and retail industries have had to develop new food hall design concepts for entertainment districts. As a result, we are seeing entertainment hubs popping up across the nation of foodie cultures and challenging how people do dining and shopping.

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