General Safety Education Courses

Safety Education Courses available at Train4Less.comMany corporations and agencies require that their safety personnel take general safety education courses periodically to refocus their efforts on continued improvements in the workplace. In some environments, management may require specific safety education courses as a condition of employment.  In some construction or first responder roles, many courses will be mandated.

The National Safety Council emphasizes that safety training should begin for all new employees shortly after hiring. The main reason is that workers generally will be open to ideas and information about how their new organization operates just after hiring.  Secondarily, new employees are more likely to experience a work-related incident because of lack of experience, a lack of familiarity with the company’s procedures and an eagerness to work. It’s best to start with GOOD habits early by introducing appropriate safety education courses for these workers to take advantage of that eagerness.

Our General Safety Education Courses are provided for those situations in mind. We continue to contract with solid partners to present safety courses that are meaningful and provides a level of instruction that’s valuable for students in their use every day.  They range from certification course such as Behavioral Based Safety and the USACE Safety and Health Courses, to courses  on hazardous waste identification and industrial hygiene.

Train4Less also has other safety education courses that cater to the specific response. Our HAZWOPER courses, those that deal with response to serious hazardous waste  awareness, containment and response, are available from our site. These courses are OSHA approved and provide you with the proper credentials for involvement at various levels of dealing with hazardous material situations.

Check out our courses list below and get involved in your safety education training today. Online courses are a very easy and convenient way to improve your knowledge and gain the vital information you need. You can take the courses from anywhere you have a computer! You can log in and log out as many times as you want, and there is always customer service to help you if your need it!  Get Started TODAY!


Course NameCourse DescriptionPriceEnroll
Behavioral Based Safety Certification ProgramIn this course you will learn how to conduct safety observations, how to approach incorrect behavior, and how to guide employees in learning safe work practices. Using various tools that will record at-risk and safe behaviors, learners can use the observations to highlight trends developing in the workplace. Understanding what is trending will help the company understand what emphasis is needed as part of the overall Safety and Health Program.$999.00Enroll Now
40-hour EM 385-1-1 USACE Safety & HealthThis training provides a comprehensive look at all regulations outlined in the EM 385-1-1 manual. Completing this course will support worker compliance with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Contractor Safety and Health Requirements. EM 385-1-1 compliance is required by all contractors working on military contracts and projects.

This course is for contractors, military and government employees who enforce or must comply to the EM385-1-1 US Army Corps of Engineers Safety and Health requirements. This class is taught by experienced instructors with hands-on experience whom will share "real life" scenarios. This Forty (40) hour training course provides information relative to the US Army Corps Safety and Health Requirements Manual, EM 385-1-1 and pertinent Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) construction standards for contractors, military and government employees.
$395.00Enroll Now
GHS Hazardous Communication Training Workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals daily in the workplace. Such conditions pose a serious health threat to the worker. OSHA requires training regarding chemical hazards in the workplace. In this course you will learn about the HazCom (Hazardous Communication) Standard and the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS), and how to use Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and chemical labels to protect yourself from hazards or react to chemical exposures. This course gives you a basic understanding of how to identify and safely handle hazardous chemicals, OSHA's Hazardous Communications or the "Right to Know" Act, GHS, and how workers can prevent and protect themselves from chemical hazards.$15.00Enroll Now
GHS y OSHA Comunicacióon de Peligros La Norma de Comunicación de Riesgos (HCS) proporciona información a los trabajadores y empleadores sobre los diversos peligros químicos que existen en el lugar de trabajo y qué medidas de protección pueden tomar para prevenir los efectos adversos de dichos peligros.

El Sistema Armonizado Globalmente de Clasificación y Etiquetado de Sustancias Químicas (GHS) entrará en vigor en 2013 y ofrece un conjunto único y uniforme de etiquetas, hojas de datos de seguridad y los protocolos para materiales peligrosos, independientemente de su lugar de origen.

Este módulo describe las formas en las que las sustancias químicas pueden ser peligrosas y enumera algunos de los peligros físicos y de salud asociados con trabajar con dichas sustancias químicas. El módulo también abarca varias formas disponibles de información sobre sustancias químicas peligrosas y describe muchas formas mediante las cuales los trabajadores pueden prevenir y protegerse de los peligros asociados con las sustancias químicas.
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Identifying Your Hazardous Wastes Identifying hazardous wastes according to RCRA regulations helps environmental professionals to determine how the waste must be managed. This course covers identification of hazardous wastes, characteristics of hazardous wastes, and universal and miscellaneous wastes according to RCRA regulations. This course also discussed discarded material and excluded hazardous wastes in details. Apart from RCRA regulations, this course also covers Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) regulations in details. A major objective of TSCA is to characterize and evaluate the risks posed by a chemical to humans and the environment before the chemical is introduced into commerce.$95.00Enroll Now
Industrial Hygiene - Basic This course presents information regarding the 29 CFR 1910 Subpart Z which deals with hazardous and toxic substances. The information presented will focus on aspects of Subpart Z which deal with keeping hazardous chemicals and material from negatively affecting your health. Topics covered will be use of PPE, cleaning procedures, what to do in the event of an exposure, and procedures in place for conducting first aid and reporting incidents of exposure.$20.00Enroll Now