A new high-tech greenhouse is getting environmentalist enthusiasts excited!

10 May 2018


 May 10, 2018
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Boulder, Colorado’s Village Center Dining and Community Commons leads the way for providing the students and staff of CU with a new aeroponic garden. This high-tech greenhouse garden is able to produce fresh garden greens for salads, offering a healthy and convenient option for the students and staff at CU. Because the greenhouse is connected to a dining hall, farm fresh food is readily available on site. 

high-tech greenhouse

This high-tech greenhouse “air garden” is helping to reduce the university’s carbon footprint, as well as lower costs and the need for harvesting plants. It will no longer be necessary to waste money and efforts on packing and transportation of food from other farms. The benefits to this aeroponic garden seem to promise a tremendously positive impact on the future of wellness and the environment.

CU Boulder’s Village Center Dining and Community Commons is nearly 3,000 square feet, holds 137 grow towers which produce 44 plants each. Each of these plants are grown without the use of any soil. The plants rely on water and nutrients from “soilless media.” This aeroponic high-tech greenhouse system allows the plants to grow faster and have a higher production rate.

In addition to the benefits of environmental advantages, increased production, and overall health, the vertical garden is more space efficient. The greenhouse uses automated operations for optimal conditions. Sunlight, shade, temperature, and humidity are adjusted to promote the best conditions for plants all year-round. Sensors are used to determine the need for equipment, so that energy from lights and fans is not wasted.                                                                                                                                                                     

high-tech greenhouse

Environmentalists are finding ways to work smarter, not harder. The advanced technology used to promote optimal growing conditions, while using energy and cost efficient methods is just one example of how environmental specialists are improving agriculture.  

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