Technology Trends in Food and Beverage Improves Efficiency

22 March 2018


 March 22, 2018
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Improve Efficiency With These Food & Beverage Technology TrendsTechnology trends in Food and Beverage enterprises are making their mark! The evolution of technology is evolving the food and beverage industry like never before. A variety of technical implementations are sure to make a noticeable impact on the industry’s productivity in 2018. If you are interested in how to improve efficiency and make it a priority for your food and beverage business, then here are 3 big trends you should examine right now!

Reliable and efficient equipment is speeding up the process of food handling and increasing the shelf life of products by improving the overall quality of product storage and transporting. This is one of the most dramatic technology trends in Food and Beverage we’ve noticed.  “Flow-through” sortation systems, used for automatic storage and retrieval, utilize automatic vehicles with robotic technology for accessing storage cases. The automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) allow warehouse productivity to keep pace with current and future packaging changes. These driverless vehicles are changing the face of the supply chain as we know it. Distribution centers and warehouses are noticing a desirable change as they improve efficiency with this reliable equipment.

 Voice and warehouse management systems (WMSs) allow for better communication and fewer scanner mistakes or picking errors. As a result, on-boarding time is cut and employees can be hired faster, which is critical with high turnover. Voice and warehouse management systems (WMSs) that optimize operations are one of the most intriguing technology trends in food and beverage industry, making a more seamless integration of intercommunication across food operations around the world.

The adaptability of innovative equipment is making products more accessible and food handling more efficient. Therefore, the rate of stocking shelves is increasing along with the need for replenishing products. Additionally, the ability of the equipment intercommunication can result in more accurate supply management and data tracking, which in turn will provide a pathway to even further improvements in the future.

While there are many technology trends in food and beverage, understanding the importance of these top 3 trends will no doubt benefit your business as you aim to improve efficiency efforts. For more about how you can improve your knowledge in the industry, sign up for an online course with one of our industry experts at





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