4 September 2018


 September 4, 2018
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what is white boxingWhat Is White Boxing?

Wondering, “What is white boxing and what is all the fuss about?” You are not alone. White boxing is a real estate strategy that is used to help the buyer focus on certain attributes of a property. The objective of white boxing is for the buyer to really visualize their dream home. To make this possible, real estate agents hire a company to strip away furnishings and finishes in the interior of the home. Finishes are stripped down to the bare white walls and windows, thus the term, “white boxing.” The idea behind this strategy, is that decluttering essentially creates a blank canvas for the buyer to create their own custom designs for the interior of the home.


 What Is The Big Deal?

Think about the high-end market for real estate. In this particular market, the ability to completely customize the space is appealing. These are the buyers who prefer designer-ready as opposed to move-in ready. So, envision the white walls, windows, and bare floors. These white box outlines become the equivalent of a blank canvas for the artist. Plus, the buyer has the added benefit of not having to pay for the demo themselves after purchasing the property. The more room a buyer has for visualizing or creating their ideal living space, the better the chances of closing the deal at top dollar. 


Who Does White Boxing Work For?

White boxing is geared towards luxury home buyers. These are individuals who are not necessarily in a rush to move in. Luxury home buyers are known to favor custom designs in the interior of the home, so white boxing certainly caters to this preference.

What Is White Boxing Good For If It Only Appeals to a Small Percentage of Clientele?

what is white boxing

First of all, it only takes a few high-end sales to earn the ability to afford a demo on demand. Therefore, this strategy is worth the effort if it helps make the sale. white boxing isn’t just for luxury homes. Some realtors use white boxing for fixer-uppers also. By clearing out the interior, buyers can focus their attention on the home’s natural potential.

Partial White Boxing

Stripping furnishings and finishings does not have to be an all or nothing option. In some cases it makes sense to do a partial white boxing, only demo one room or part of the house. Homes that have a fairly neutral design, perhaps with the exception of one area, benefit from partial white boxing. There is no need to tear everything out, particularly if there is only a portion of the home that may be problematic for the buyer’s vision.


To White Box or Not

So, in conclusion, what is all the fuss about white boxing? White boxing, or even partial white boxing, can pay off in a big way, but only when used for the right properties. It is important to consider the overall objective prior to making the ultimate decision to demo the interior space. A house that has an amazing view or location should feature the potential of the property without visual obstacles. Buyers should be able to easily see the value of the location. If the custom design of the interior of the home diminishes the buyer’s overall interest, then white boxing is a viable option.


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