25 April 2018


 April 25, 2018
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win over clients in your real estate endeavors Train4Less.comWant to know how to win over clients? You need to know these four tips that realtors use! Your client’s first impression begins long before you have your first face-to-face meeting. Here are some things you should consider prior to your first meeting with a prospective client.


1. Help your client find you.

Win Over Client with these Great Tips for a first meeting!

How you choose to get your name out there is important. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire. If you want to get great reviews, you need to give your clients great attention. Your reputation for how you treat your clients is the key to propelling your book of business. More than just selling your service, you are selling YOU! Your personality and how you make prospective clients feel is ultimately what will determinewhether or not you win over clients. Just think of the old saying, “People may forget what you say, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”


2. Listen Up!4 tips realtors use to win over clients

Before you delve into your wealth of real estate knowledge and tips for buying and selling a home, listen carefully to the wants and needs of your potential client. Allow your potential client to lay the groundwork for their expectations for the home buying/selling process. You may have to guide your client’s expectations later on, but first you should gain a clear understanding of what the client wants. Once those wants and needs are established, repeat and reaffirm what you understand their needs to be. Make a call or send an email to restate the client’s desires. By being clear about expectations upfront, your potential client is aware that you want to address their needs, not just your own. This will set you ahead of the game with other competitive realtors and you will make a name for yourself by winning over clients with your attentiveness.


3. Be Prepared.4 tips realtors use to win over clients

Consider your client and what they may be looking for in a property. Do not assume your have all of their wants and needs figured out. People change their minds throughout the process of finding a new home. Be prepared to have listings that are comparable to what your client wants to see, so that you are ready if you strike out on your initial ideas for impressing your client. Know the community and surrounding area of the homes you want to sell. Prepare to win over your client by using the perks of the community to sell your client on the true value of a home.


4. The Proof is in the Pudding.4 Tips Realtors Use to Win Over Clients

Share proof of your success and reliability by showing techniques you have used to sell comparable homes in the area. Share pictures, post reviews on social media, and talk about what has worked well for your clients in the past. If you haven’t already hooked them by now, proof of previous successes will surly help you win over clients. 

There is Much More to Learn About How to Win Over Clients

4 Tips Realtors Use to Win Over Clients

Winning clients begins with these four principles, but there is so much more to learn about finding success in the real estate industry. Find out what you need to know to grow your professional career in real estate by checking out the online courses available at Train4Less.


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