Workers Over 50 Find New Careers in Real Estate

15 April 2018


 April 15, 2018
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Workers Over 50 Turn To Being Real Estate Agents Train4Less.comWorkers over 50 are looking to be hired, not retired and they are looking for a second career in real estate as their vocation. The Baby Boomer generation has a lower unemployment rate than the general population of working age citizens. The unemployment rate for this group is lower than past generations. Today, many people are working well past the age of 50. In fact, according to an analysis of the national workforce, younger workers make up 75% of employees, but the net increase in employment since 2000 is actually due to the number of workers age 55 and older. This number of workers over 55 accounts for about 17 million jobs. So, why are the Baby Boomers working so hard and Why are they looking to a career in Real Estate as a second or third vocation?

Workers Over 50 Have Their Reasons For Re-Entry

Workers over 50 are either putting off retirement or returning to work for a variety of reasons. The first is based on a new trend toward lifelong learning. Many workers are tired of their area of concentration over the past years, and are looking for new ways to learn a new trade or business. Many have gone back to universities either on campus or through online education programs to get into new trades, such as becoming a real estate agent. The accomplishment of learning the new skills and applying them to a new business that involves meeting people and making their dream of home ownership come true is a satisfying vision for them. These workers, now entrepreneurs, carry this new business forward into several more years of profitable work.

A second reason, is a bit more telling of times. These workers over 50 have discovered that they do not have enough savings for retirement. This unfortunate truth has become reality for many as they near the golden years. Longer life expectancy and advancements in health and medicine are contributing factors to the phenomenon of older workers. As companies provide fewer benefits to employees, people over 50 are increasingly putting off retirement in order to make ends meet. A new career as a Real Estate Agent, offers great reward, financial success and enjoyment with a relatively small investment.

Another factor is that technology has made work environments more versatile and conducive to alternative means of reporting to work. The idea of owning one’s own Real Estate business, working from home is a comfortable and enjoyable thought. Telecommuting provides a more attractive option for employees over 50.The Real Estate business today is more and more technology-based. Presentations can be made on a tablet or notebook computer in a coffee shop with a prospective customer, or right in their living room. Even the accessibility of online training for various degrees, including pre-licensing, exam preparation and continuing real estate education makes it easier for people to make career changes and advancements at any age.

What does this mean for the workplace?

This is good news! Employers have a better pool of candidates to choose from when hiring new employees. Older, more experienced workers are often more reliable and can mentor younger workers, as they bring more experience from diverse fields.  In addition,  a more diversified age group can foster a cohesive work environment for employees. As a result, a more productive work environment is born. The rise in workers over 50 returning to the workforce also means that there is a need for employers to be informed about how to address the needs and interests of the over 50 age group.

Agent Workers Over 50 Provide Great Benefits

Thinking about who to hire for your real estate agent? There are some great benefits to hiring a real estate agent over 50.

  Consider the following:

        Real Estate Agents Over 50…

  1. Are more likely to be hired by seniors, who are comfortable working with a realtor who is closer in age and understands their needs whether downsizing or aging-in-place.
  2. Can apply previous work experience from a  variety of different fields in real estate.
  3.  May rely on first-hand knowledge and decades of experience in housing trends.
  4. Have the potential for greater familiarity with existing neighborhoods.
  5. Benefit from the longevity of community involvement and networking connections.
  6. Possess greater schedule flexibility because agents over 50 generally have older kids or are empty nesters.
  7. Have greater life experience that allows them to better understand the needs of people in all stages of life when buying a home.


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